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Class Descriptions & Tuition

Description of Classes

PRESCHOOL DANCE / 3-4yr Creative Movement - A fun introduction to dance for those young movers and shakers! This class will focus on the beginnings of ballet, jazz, acro and even tap/rhythmic movement. Exciting props and music will be used to enhance the fun! Dancers may wear ballet shoes or dance barefoot, please no socks. 45 min. of instruction and 15 min. of free dance.

COMBINATION CLASSES (3-4yr, 5-6yr, 7-8yr) - Our 3-4yr class is comprised of 30 minutes of Ballet and 30 minutes of Tap or Acro. We add Jazz dance in the 5-6yr classes, totaling 20 minutes of instruction in each genre, or 30 minutes of Ballet and 30 minutes of Acro. Students need ballet & tap shoes only to participate. In the 7-8yr classes, we divide each style up in 30 minute classes.

BALLET - The basic foundation of all dance forms. Ballet is a theatrical representation of a story by means of dance or pantimimic action accompanied by music. It teaches proper carriage, placement, grace, & poise. Ballet is highly recommended as a compliment to all other styles of dance because the terminology and placement learned in Ballet quickens advancement in other classes.

JAZZ - An American dance form which evolves and changes with the latest popular styles. It is characterized by the use of improvisation and is influenced by rhythms & techniques of jazz music. Students in this class are strongly encouraged to study Ballet as well.

TAP - Your feet & the floor become a percussive instrument! This class will emphasize rhythm, timing, and the execution of proper tap technique through the use of special shoes with metal plates on the ball and heel of the foot. Challenging tempos and syncopation will be included at more advanced levels. Tap builds aerobic fitness as well as muscle control! 

LYRICAL/MODERN - Lyrical dance is an emotional dance style that combines ballet & jazz dance techniques. Dancers learn to connect movements with smooth transitions and interpret the lyrics & meaning of a song. Modern is a dance form developed in the early 20th century based on the expression of art, music, & human emotion. It is a more relaxed, free style of dancing, with a deliberate use of gravity to enhance movement. Students will learn a blend of Horton, Graham, Cunningham, and Limon techniques. Dancers should also be taking a ballet and jazz class to learn terminology that will be used in modern dance.

MUSICAL THEATRE - In this exciting class, students will learn combinations from musicals, old & new! Using props, characterization, and unique staging, dancers will get the opportunity to recreate the "Best of Broadway."

HIP HOP- Authentic dance expression which combines high energy street movements with funk and jazz technique. This style of dance has evolved from hip hop culture and is often improvisational, or freestyle in nature. Similar to what is seen in music videos, it is a very energetic form of dancing, allowing students the freedom of movement, and the ability to add in their own unique personalities. This class is a favorite among the students! This season, our Hip Hop classes will take place in 4-month sessions (one in the fall and one in the spring). Our Spring Session will participate in the Spring Recital!

FLEX/TECH - For ages 7+. This class is for the dancer looking for extra was to enhance their technique! We will focus on strengthening, flexibility and control throughout all skills, and also incorporate cardiovascular fitness to improve dancers' stamina. 

DANCE TEAM TECHNIQUE - This class is open to any Dance Team dancer, either on a Team or wanting to tryout for a Team. Technique & styles used on Dance Teams will be covered including Pom, Jazz, & Hip Hop. These classes do not participate in our Spring Dance Recital. 

ACRO - Combining classical dance techniques with precision acrobatic elements, this class will increase a dancer's strength & flexibility. Students will learn smooth, graceful transitions between dance & acrobatic movements.

*If you have a question regarding which class to place your child in, please first email the Director Cassidy Moss, at cassidy@unitedtalentdance.com*

How to Register / Tuition & Payment

To register for the Dance Program, parents need to get a username and password by clicking My Account on the Home Page & logging in or setting up an account (new user). Parents must also sign a membership agreement online and there is a $25 nonrefundable membership fee. Students will be unable to attend class without a membership agreement on file. The membership fee is valid for one year and covers the cost of registration and maintaining your family’s records in our system. Families registered at United Talent must have a debit card or credit card on file for tuition payments. You may choose for payments to come out on the 1st or the 15th of each month. If you pay the year in full you will save 10%. Tuition is based on the total number of class hours taken by the student per week:  



Monthly Tuition





































5+ (unlimited)